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Here are just a few of the comments we have
What a Fantastic idea 
It Really works
could only have been thought of 
by a Mother!
Linda   Scotland
"My little girl sits and waits
to do a wee so that she can
make  her
'wee friend' appear"...........

Vicky, Swansea.
Thank you
My Wee Friend
Now I’m potty trained
I get some real clothes.
Look out James Bond
“We have two potty’s with a different design in
each, my grandson loves to guess which
face he will see when he wees in his potty"........

Linda, Wolverhampton
"Erica loves her 'wee friend'
and tells everyone about it"........

Michelle, Luston.
I’m having
Terrible Trouble
with my potty
I just don’t know
What to do
“Carys has been in pants all day
and has made 8 ‘smilies’”........

Steve, Northamptonshire
What a Great product
Makes me wish I had kids

Dave Minnesota USA